Seva, short for the word Karseva refers to "selfless service", work or service performed without any thought of reward or personal benefit.

The concept of Karseva (free service to the humanity) is as old as 549 years. Mehta Kaluji, the father of Guru Nanak Dev Ji gave Rs 20/- (Rs Twenty) to his son to start the true business. The Guru Nanak Dev Ji along with his companions i.e. Bhai Bala & Mardana could not find the true business whole day. However they saw some holy Sadhu’s who were hungry for the last so many days. The Guru Nanak Dev ji told his companions that there is no other true business than to feed these holy persons and accordingly the holy Sadhus were fed with the meals given by his father.

The process of the Karseva was started in the town of Kartarpur (now in Pakistan) founded by Sahib Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji by cultivating land to produce food for the Sangat/Devotees, who so ever used to come there for the Darshan and Spiritual Guidance from the Guru. This pratha (ritual) of langar is unique through the world amongst the followers of Guru Nanak DevJi, not only in India but world-over in the Gurudwara’s.


  1. Gurudwara Sri Bala Sahib
  2. Gurudwara Sri Bangla Sahib
  3. Gurudwara sri Damdama Sahib
  4. Gurudwara Di Highway
  5. Gurudwara Singh Sabha, Koshalgang
  6. Gurudwara Dinesh Pur, Uttrakhand
  7. Lakhmipur, School
  8. Gurudwara Mata Sundri
  9. Gurudwara Moti Bagh Sahib
  10. Gurudwara Rakab Ganj Sahib
  11. Gurudwara Sis Ganj Sahib
  12. Gurudwara Nanak Piao
  13. Gurudwara Sir Sahib, Maharashtra


  1. General Public through contributions (donation) in Sangats or appeals of Karsevaks.
  2. Public Bodies or Organizations of Institutions , Government or Semi- government who request to do karseva. Karseva activities was started about 537 Years back and are continuing without any hindrance through Oral Trust. The general public not only Contribute funds but feel pride and satisfaction while contributing and also participating in Karseva doing manual and other Labour Works.
  3. Karseva is Conducted through arranging Man Power and Purchasing necessary Building Material for Construction of Premises  for  General  utility  i.e. Langer  Hall, Sarai,  Schools, Colleges, Roads, Hospitals, Car Parking etc. All these premises are used/Medical Educational and General Public.
  4. The Karseva Charitable Trust is also purchasing and providing fuel for Langer Hall in Dera Karseva, Gurdwara Bangla Sahib. Free Food is served to poor without consideration of caste,creed and religion for relief of poor.
  5. Trust is also providing financial assistance to needy persons for education,medical and daily life.