Jathedar Baba Harbans Singh Ji was born in 1916 at Village Noorpurthal, Distt. Sargodha, Punjab that is now part of Pakistan.From childhood he was deeply religious and wished to do good deeds. In 1943, he made the decision to abandon his domestic lifestyle and dedicate his life to the Karseva. He labored at many individual sacred sites over the next four decades, and eventually he took over the management of Karseva projects generally, networking with people nationally and worldwide to ensure the continuous funding and workforce necessary to build new projects and maintain existing ones. Baba ji joined the KarSevaSanstha at Nankana Sahib in 1945, led by BabaGurmukh Singh Ji, he took keen interest for the execution of Sarowar (Holy Water Tub) at the historical place named “Kiara Sahib”. The job was completed with the help of the Sangat. Baba Gurmukh Singh Ji appreciated the work of Baba Harbans Singh and he then advised him to leave Nankana Sahib.Baba Harbans Singh Ji came to Sri Muktsar Sahib in 1947 and started the construction work of the steps of the Sarowar. He was appointed Jathedar by Baba Jiwan Singh Ji.

His contribution towards Karseva Organisation are as follows:

During the period from 1947 – 1974, Baba Harbans Singh Ji organized the sangat from village to village to participate in noble cause.He supervised the job of constructions at different places including appealing to people for contribution from villages and keeping records, making arrangements in the procurement of material like bricks, cement, steel, marble etc. The projects spread all over the states of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. The projects included the renovation of the historical Gurudwara’s, preserving the, building the shrines, langar halls, rooms for the sangat (sarai), roads, museums, bridges, Schools and Hospitals.

Contribution towards Humanity/Nation/Religion

For more than of 63 years, Jathedar Baba Harbans Singh Ji participated in every activities personally or through his authorized representatives.Baba Ji constructed religious institutions and also for the betterment of educational institutions including relief works hit by natural calamities like earth quakes, displaced people in U.P river, effluent affected areas by rehabilitating them.Moral Building, service to poor, regard and respect in all religions, free food to all needy people visiting the historical shrines, sangat participating in construction activities. Appealed to all to spare Daswandi 10% of their hard earn income as a contribution towards humanity and KarSevaSanstha. Equal status for all human beings. Finally to remember the almighty day/night and love towards all. Pray for well being of everyone.