Sri Harmandir Sahib

Let the fourth be good will to all, and the fifth the praise of the Lord. ~ SGGS

Bangla Sahib

By Guru's Grace, your face shall be radiant. Chanting the Naam, you shall receive the benefits of giving charity and taking cleansing baths.
Sexual desire, anger and greed are eliminated, and all egotistical pride is abandoned. ~ SGGS

Sri Hazur Abchalnagar Sahib

Blessed is the godly person and the riches they possess because they can be used for charitable purposes and to give happiness. ~ SGGS

Sis Ganj Sahib

“Your Mercy is my social status.” ~ SGGS

Seva in Sikhism

Seva (Charity) is a very important part of Sikh teachings because equality and compassion are essential for a spiritual life. All religions and all nations must be helped to live a good and peaceful life. Hard work is also essential for a Sikh - begging or not working is lazy and selfish. It begins with caring for the family. Sikhs have followed this teaching in their social policies, building hospitals, care homes, special schools and hospices. Many Sikhs also take part in charity work all over the world. Seva or service to the community (Sadhsangat) is essential to the life of a Sikh.
“He is within - see Him outside as well; There is no one, other than Him.
As Gurmukh, look upon all with the single eye of equality;
in each and every heart, the Divine Light is contained"~ SGGS